AG says no fraud found after Biden won Arizona and Wisconsin states

Washington: The US Attorney General William Barr Tuesday confirmed that no fraud was found that could change election after the finalization of vote counting for 2020 presidential election in Arizona and Wisconsin states of US, officially confirming President-elect Joe Biden as the winner of both states.

US Attorney General William Barr said that the Justice Department had not discovered evidence of widespread voter fraud that could impact the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Comments from Barr, who is a staunch and ardent ally of President Donald Trump, came despite the outgoing president’s repeated claims that the election was stolen.

By a margin of just over 10,000 votes, Biden won the southwestern state of Arizona. With this victory, Biden became the second Democrat in 70 years to take the usually reliable Republican stronghold. The first Democrat was Bill Clinton who had taken the stronghold in the 1990s.

The election officials also confirmed Biden’s victory in the upper-Midwest state of Wisconsin after a recount in two counties. The recounting ended up adding to Biden’s 20,600-vote margin of victory.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission has allowed the Trump campaign five days to file a lawsuit attempting to overturn the results by disqualifying around 238,000 ballots. Without evidence, Trump campaign and his legal team claimed that the ballots were subject to fraud.

Wisconsin’s Dane and Milwaukee are the two largest Democratic counties in the state where Trump paid USD 3 million for recounts. Wisconsin’s Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul in a statement said that there was no basis for any assertion of widespread fraud that could affect the results.

Later on Monday, Wisconsin’s Governor Tony Evers signed the Certification of Ascertainment and confirmed Biden won.  Governor Evers said in a statement that he carried out duty to certify the November 3rd election. He thanked the election staff for ensuring a safe, fair and efficient election.

Trump accused Arizona’s election officials of ‘total election corruption’. Trump’s lawyers, without evidence, met with numerous Republican lawmakers to argue that the election was fraudulent. Arizona’s Secretary of State Katie Hobbs while announcing Biden’s victory said that election was transparent, fair and accurate despite several unfounded claims.  States often take a long time after Election Day to officially certify vote counts in US presidential election.

 Despite Trump’s refusal to concede the loss and his attempts to overturn the election results, the President-elect Biden has proceeded with the transition process.

On Tuesday, in an interview with The Associated Press news agency, the US Attorney General William Barr disclosed that the attorneys and FBI agents had been working on specific complaints they received.

“But they have uncovered no evidence that would change the outcome of the election,” Barr said, adding that so far no fraud was seen on a scale that could alter the election outcome.

Last month, the US Attorney General had issued an order to US attorneys allowing them to pursue any ‘substantial claims’ of voting irregularities across the country before the 2020 presidential election is certified.

The attorney general’s order enabled the prosecutors to go around the Justice Department policy that generally would prohibit such plain actions before the election is certified. It is pertinent to mention that the department’s top elections crime official stepped aside from the position citing the reason of memo by Attorney General.

Barr has been one of President Trump’s staunch allies. Just before the election, Barr had repeatedly raised the notion that mail-in votes could be specifically vulnerable to fraud during the pandemic as Americans feared going to polls.

Trump campaign has been accusing that Democrats dumped millions of illegal votes into the system. The Trump campaign team led by Rudy Giuliani has filed multiple lawsuits in battleground states. The campaign contends that partisan poll watchers had no access to have a clear view at polling sites in some locations and therefore something illegal must have happened.

These contentions and allegations have repeatedly been dismissed including by Republican judges, ruling that the suits lacked evidence.  Though Trump’s administration has made it clear that the 2020 presidential election was the most secure ever, he has railed against the election in tweets and interviews. Trump, who refused to concede the defeat, however, recently allowed his administration to begin the transition process.

The points raised by Trump’s campaign are typical in every election that includes signature problems, postal marks and secrecy envelop in mail-in ballots or miscast or lost ballots. Barr said that people were confusing the jurisdiction of federal criminal justice with the allegations, adding that allegations should be made in civil lawsuits. He maintained that such a remedy for those complaints would be a top-down audit conducted by state or local officials and not the US Justice Department.

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