Apple working on a self-healing, folding display for iPhones

Apple working on a self-healing, folding display for iPhones

Tech Desk: US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple Company wherein it is reflected that the tech giant is working on folding displays with a layer of self-healing properties for iPhones that will end the users’ fear of scratches and dents on their phones.

It is learnt that the display cover may include a layer of an elastomer in the flexible part of the display for increased flexibility while self-healing may be done naturally by heat, light, electric current, or other externally applied stimuli.

Apple believes that the folding device may have a joint to enable the device to be flexed about a bend axis while the display may also span the bend axis. To avoid the damage, the display would be coated with a display cover with a flexible portion.

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A report published in TechRadar stated that the folding display would be similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 2, adding that it could repair itself during charging of the phone. However, the publication reported that it was unlikely that the phones could completely heal big scratches or marks on the display but the self-healing properties would minimize minor damage.

It is pertinent to note that filing of patents with the US authorities does not necessarily mean that the final product would appear soon in the markets but the patent hints that the giant tech’s Research and Development was deliberating over the idea. The device will be appeared next year, if ready. The company has been filing patents like this for several years already.

The patent stated that the display cover layer may include a transparent dielectric layer with slits to promote flexibility in the display and the slits may be filled with an index-matching material while the layer of self-healing material may be spread across the display cover or may be formed in the flexible region only.

According to a predetermined schedule, the heating layer may be used to produce heat in response to user input or when the electronic device is charging.

According to TechRadar, Apple’s latest patent demonstrates like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which to save space folds down when not in use.

A notification panel on the front in the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip lets the user check about receiving of messages, voicemails or other notifications without actually opening the device. The Motorola Razr had a similar trick too but its notification panel was a whole mini-screen on the front. TechRadar said that unlike the Samsung and Motorola folded displays it seems the iPhone Fold concept instead has one part of the screen jut out from the other when the phone is folded with the protruding part showing the notification.

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