Naypyidaw: The military coup in Myanmar took a humorous turn when a video went viral showing an oblivious PE teacher in Myanmar calmly giving a virtual class of workout as a military coup unfolded behind her. A video making rounds on social media showed that a fitness instructor Khing HninRead More →

San Diego: In what is believed to be the first known cases among primates in the world, several gorillas at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park have tested positive for the Covid-19. Executive Director of the park Lisa Peterson on Monday told The Associated Press that eight gorillas living togetherRead More →

Islamabad: Unlike Supreme Court of India which favoured Country’s majority population by issuing an order to demolish Babri Mosque and construct the temple on its place, the Supreme Court of Pakistan emerged as a progressive institution giving equal space to all the minorities including Hindus living in Pakistan. To protectRead More →

London: The United Kingdom has abolished a tax on menstrual products, according to the government’s statement. The statement said that the ‘Tampon Tax’ has been abolished – with a zero rate of Value Added Tax applying to women’s sanitary products. The abolishment of ‘Tampon Tax’ is one of the initialRead More →

Nashville: The investigators have identified the prime suspect who planned and executed the explosion that ripped through streets of downtown Nashville on Christmas morning damaging several buildings and wounding three people. Nashville police had already declared that the explosion was an intentional act. However, the FBI is ascertaining the motiveRead More →