Dutt stood victorious battling with Cancer

Mumbai: Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt has come out victorious from Cancer disease and he is set to join the shooting of a film in November.  Sanjay Dutt, on the occasion of his kids’ birthday, happily shared that he was happy to give the gift of ‘health’ and ‘well-being of the family’ to his children.

Dutt took to Twitter and shared a note stating therein that the “The last few weeks were a very difficult time for my family and me. But as they say, God gives the hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.”  He stated that he was happy to be able to give his family the best gift he could, the health and well-being of the family.

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The 61-year-old Dutt also thanked his fans, friends and family for their faith, support and source of strength through this trying time.  He also thanked the Kokilaben Hospital’s doctors and paramedical staff in general and Dr Sewanti in particular for taking good care of him.

In August, Dutt took a break from work for medical treatment. Dutt has been one of the controversial actors in the Bollywood industry. His career came to a sudden halt when he was again imprisoned in 2013 to finish five-year jail sentence in a case wherein he was convicted of offences linked to the 1993 Mumbai blasts which killed 257 people and injured 713.

However, he successfully restarted his career in 2016 after serving the jail term and signed several new films with some of them doing extremely well at the box office. Sanjay Dutt has been liberal in talking about his problems with drug addiction and convictions during interviews, saying that these issues had only made him stronger. Dutt had also witnessed to deaths of cancer in his family. His mother Nargis died of pancreatic cancer in 1981 while his first wife Richa Sharma also died of brain cancer.

Dutt debuted in 1981, the same year his mother died, as a gawky 22-year-old in Rocky, a typical Bollywood revenge film of its times. The film directed by his father, who later entered into politics and became a minister with India’s Congress party. The film marked the arrival of Dutt as another star son in an industry where the launching of children as lead actors by their producer-director parents is routine.

Dutt chequered his career with mix roles as macho, don and sometimes with a soft heart and one of his most popular and hit films was Khalnayak (The Villain) which coincides with his arrest in the Mumbai blast case. The combination of gangster and comic roles enabled Dutt to draw mix fan following.

Another one of the most popular films was Munnabhai in which he played the role of a soft-hearted gangster. Dutt also entered politics and campaigned for the Samajwadi Party during the 2009 general elections. He also desired to be the candidate but the Indian Supreme Court disqualified him from elections.

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