Nurse suspended for removing PPE to have sex with Covid-19 patient

Jakarta: Indonesian male nurse has been suspended for removing his Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to have sex with a Covid-19 patient in the hospital of Jakarta. 

The issue came in limelight when a Twitter handle (@bottialter) shared a photo showed a heap of PPE placed on the floor of a room, purportedly inside the Wisma Atlet hospital.

The account user also shared a screenshot claiming his conversation with a male nurse and discussion where and when to meet in the hospital.

Fariedh Abdillah, another user, quoted the tweets and asked authorities to probe the matter. The owner of the original account changing privacy set the tweets to private after the quoted tweet demanding for investigation went viral.

Local media reported that the patient and the nurse had confessed their involvement after which the legal action initiated.

According to Indonesia Expat, Jakarta’s regional military command Lieutenant Colonel Arh Herwin noted that the nurse tested negative while the patient was still Covid-19 infected.

The Voice of Indonesia (VOI) quoted Herwin who said that they would also further improve the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to monitor the activities at the hospital.

Reports suggest that the hospital’s management decided to evaluate their recruitment process to avoid repetition of such case. An officer bearer of Indonesia’s National Nurses Association Asep Gunawan confirmed the case. Gunawan said that the law should be followed in the case further appreciating the hospital’s management for taking the case to the law.

Indonesia has recorded over 735,000 cases of Covid-19 so far. These cases include 21,944 deaths since the outset of the pandemic.

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